About Us

What is Way2A?

Way2A associates in one place adventure lovers who share their travel experience, and “viewers” of adventures looking for new inspirations.

The site allows you to create your routes on the map at no charge and also to download them to your GPS device. You may also add descriptions, photos and videos.

Mission of Way2A

Way2A is a community of people open to the world and appreciating uncommon ideas to spend their free time in an active way!

Our mission is to make other people realize that travelling is possible and that it is within their reach. By promoting the idea of travelling we build an interactive space thanks to which users sharing their experience encourage themselves to travelling and active lifestyle.

We integrate adventure enthusiasts from different parts of the world and put them in groups, inviting to travel together.

Way2A is a place where you will find tips on how to spend free time and develop passions.